June 2014 archive

2014 Golf Tournament was a huge success

Our 2014 golf tournament in Long Beach was a huge success. Congratulations to our winners! If you have pictures, feel free to post them below. Golfers: 1st Place: Thane Crozier, Patrick Hughes, Dusty Birdsong, Clay Bruner 2nd Place: Ryan Moore, Scott Ritto, John Shaw, Al Crespo 3rd Place: Johnny Fontenot, Bruce Birdwell, David Kester, Regan …

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Is DIY your best weapon against ergonomic injuries?

DIY – do it yourself. We do it for all kinds of things – taxes, investments, home improvements, diets, workouts, photography, and a whole slough of other things.  Why not ergonomics?  “That’s serious stuff Steve, we need to leave that to the professionals.”  I disagree, here’s why. DIY just might be your secret weapon to …

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