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Website Credits

The Board of Directors of California PRIMA would like to recognize and sincerely thank the following individuals and vendors for their collaboration on our website.

We would first like to thank Denise Ho for taking time out from her Masters Degree Studies at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Denise was instrumental in developing the wonderful artistic concept of our site, merging the beauty of some our states most precious landmarks with the theme of risk management in the pages of our website. Her artistic concept paints the picture of California PRIMA, the source of Risk Management activities and resources for California Entities.

We must also sincerely thank the following individuals for supplying the wonderful pictures for our website. Their pictures add a beauty and flare to our site that captures Denise’s concept to a tee. We appreciate their wonderful artistic talent and support.


  • Fran GC
  • Roger Heykoop
  • Denise Ho
  • Ali Seifert
  • Steve Woods


We turned to InnovatorsWeb to pull it all together for us. They labored to merge the artistic concept and stunning pictures to develop an eye catching website that flows. This will provide our members with an informative, easy to navigate website with useful resources.

My thanks to all involved in this project.

Stephen Holser

Director and Website Administrator

California PRIMA