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Are deadbolts too dangerous for schools?

Let’s face it, the events at Sandy Hook are tragic at best and a reminder that the human spirit can unleash horrific brutality among its own kind. In light of this event many of our schools are asking what to do to safeguard its students. The first thing that comes to their mind is something …

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Why the iPad is not for schools.

Sure everybody loves the iPad and now the mini, even if they don’t know it yet.  Just put your hands on one for a week and your life is magically transformed.  The apps are great, the device knows where you are at all times, the amount of information at your fingertips is amazing and it …

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It’s finally here – the 2012 California Science Safety Handbook

In 1999, California launched its last version of the Science Safety Handbook. That is until now. After a dreaded 13 years, the new version is finally here. You can download a copy of the 2012 Science Safety Handbook here: In addition, you may want to purchase this book for your chemical hygiene officer: Bretherick’s …

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New Interesting Articles Section Added to Website!!!!

Please check out our new section of interesting articles we have added to our website. The link is in the drop down menu under “News ” on the Main Menu at the top of each page. Articles are primarily related to the concerns of public entities. Access CalPRIMA News by clicking on the News tab …

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If you are looking to start your career in risk management or make a move up the ladder, check out our job posting page.  We have posted 8 new job posting on our “Search Current Jobs” page. (Main Menu Bar/Jobs/Search Current Jobs)  We wish you well with your search.

Leadership Principles with Terrie Norris, former President of ASSE

Leadership Principles with Terrie Norris, former President of ASSE Meet Terrie Norris In this episode of The Risk Control Show we are gong to peak behind the curtain and find out what it takes to be a world leader in safety and health.  Terrie, the former President of ASSE, explains what it was like to …

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To Socialize or Not to Socialize – will Social Media be Protected?

To Protect or Not To Protect Social Media has exploded over the last 5 years and it is certainly here to stay. Social media offers a great venue to voice your opinions, share photos, and connect with friends and co-workers. On the flip-side, protection from sexual harassment, discrimination and other protected activities are increasing. The …

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Financial Disaster Recovery from FEMA with Jerry Quinn

Financial Disaster Recovery from FEMA with Jerry Quinn Recovering from a major disaster event is difficult enough.  Finding out that you don’t have the documentation to recover funds from FEMA doubles the pain.  Join us in this episode of The Risk Control Show as we sit down with the Disaster Badger, Mr. Jerry Quinn of …

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New ASTM F1487-11 Playground Requirements

astm f1487-11 standard changes

New ASTM F 1487-11 Standard ASTM Standard F1487-11 is here and if you haven’t yet read it, you should. There are multiple changes in this standard from the previous versions and many will affect your playgrounds.  So, your probably saying to yourself,  but wait just a minute there – we use the CPSC Handbook 325 …

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Why Knee Pads Might Not Work

You have given all of your employees knee pads and not the cheap ones either. So, why are you still racking up the worker’s compensation claims?  The answer is simple – knee pads only work if you wear them around your knees.  And if you were them correctly around the knees and you can get …

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