Environmental Protocols – Do you know what to do?

Asbestos / Lead / Mold Protocol: by David A. Sailer, Environmental Division Manager, Restoration Management Company


It is important to understand that asbestos, lead and mold issue can be a concern to all involved in daily maintenance, property management and residence of our buildings. Facilities professionals take these matters very serious, and we ask all who run into these conditions to follow the outlined protocol when potentially handling, preparing renovations or accidentally disturbing these materials.

All construction building materials are to be presumed asbestos/lead containing unless otherwise proven through sampling and or previous test results provided by the Owner – verbal results from property managers/maintenance crews are not acceptable – please confirm in writing or presume positive.


  • Prior to beginning any renovation or repair work – verify that sampling of materials to be disturbed has been completed and results are available in writing to management for authorization to proceed
  • If a material presumed to be a concern is disturbed, shut off ventilation (AC or Heat) close doors to the area, leave and immediately report the incident to management for proper handling by an environmental contractor. If the material is proven to not be hazardous, through testing, management will notify you that it is OK to proceed with cleanup or have staff proceed on your behalf.


  • Materials that may be of concern for asbestos:

o   Acoustic ceiling treatment (popcorn),

o   vinyl sheet flooring

o   Wallboard texture (sheetrock)

o   Thermal Systems Insulation (pipe wrap, boiler wrap, HVAC ducts)

o   Floor tile and associated mastics

o   Window putty or glazings

o   Drop in ceiling tiles or glue on tiles

o   Many others – check before cutting


  • Materials that may be of concern for lead:

o   Glossy paints (trims, kitchen and baths)

o   Ceramic tiles

o   Wall and ceilings paints

o   Many others – check before cutting or sanding

This post is not intended to be all inclusive of environmental hazards, and we ask that you help us to monitor and evaluate the potential for spills and renovations that are non-complying. Report any potential incidence to Management to ensure proper handling. It is our intent that facilities professionals provide a safe working and living environment through knowledge and training.

For more information contact: Lisa Roben


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