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California Guide to Hazard Communication Regulation


Cal/OSHA Safety and Health Training and Instruction Requirements – The following is a list of the instruction and training requirements contained in.. more 


Hazard Communications In order to ensure chemical safety in the workplace, information must be available about the identities and hazards of the chemicals. OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires more


CalOSHA Fact Sheet for the Respirator Regulation more 


The OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor is designed to help general industry employers and workers identify possible safety and health hazards in their workplace, and to direct users to OSHA standards addressing those hazards. more


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


You can print Quick Cards for various tasks or programs in English and/or Spanish. One great example is for Heat Stress. This is a great way to keep employees informed. Use them for your required Safety Tailgate meetings for the price of printing.